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Vol 001
Robo Arena

Robo-revolution Vol 001

World's first future-driven NFT revolution by Beastroids landing on Earth to save all human beings.

In 20xx, humans are in danger of extinction. In their hope to survive, Paradise is the destination. An organisation led by a wealthy man Ethan deployed "Guardian V" to protect the grounds and to kill any human that tries to breach. To counterstrike, Beastroids are the only hope for the future of mankind.

Become the Legend

Survival Fighter

Live the adventure

Survival Fighter

In this world of chaos, Beastroids are going to protect and fight.

Future Rider

Gear up, be the hope of mankind

Future Rider

Premium Beastroids will bring you to Paradise, the safe place for everyone.

Combo Champion

The ultimate mission

Combo Champion

Form your own team with 4 Beastroids of the same color or 1 Beastroid in 5 different colors and take your journey to the next level. Hodlers will receive a special Combo NFT.

Phase 1
2022 Q2

Whitelist & Minting

Verified NFT holders will receive a whitelist spot for future collections and collaborative releases with partner NFT projects and Keiji Inafune's upcoming auction event.

Phase 2
2022 Q2

Exclusive Airdrops

Complete the combo challenge to gain exclusive access to a special NFT airdrop.

Time to gather your team of Beastroids!

Be our "Super Collector" as a special NFT holder! You will be granted access to our exclusive Discord channel with a special role.

Phase 3
2022 Q2


We want to make you proud of owning a Beastroid. Secure a spot on Robo-Arena to get on an adventure beyond your wildest imagination.

Phase 4
2022 Onwards


Beastroids and its creator Keiji Inafune are stepping into the Metaverse.

Beastroid owners will be able to explore the infinite potential of the NFTs. Holders are entitled to enjoy the privilege to interact with Inafune-san and the community through upcoming social events.

Keiji Inafune

Keiji Inafune is a legend in the gaming industry, starting off as a character designer for Street Fighter and Mega Man. During the NES and Super NES era, Inafune-san was the core artist for the entire Mega Man series, thereafter he created the character Zero for Mega Man X. Beastroid Vol 001 is Inafune-san's first futuristic NFT collection integrated with incredible utilities. As he is stepping foot in the Metaverse, PolkaFantasy is proud to present the official debut of the robo-revolution collection on its brand new Marketplace 2.0.

  • Hyena Slasher
  • Hyena Slasher
  • Tabby the Long Tail
  • Tabby the Long Tail
  • Frill Dragon
  • Frill Dragon
  • Hippo Launcher
  • Hippo Launcher
  • Q 01

    How many NFTs can I mint?

  • Q 02

    How to get whitelisted?

  • Q 03

    How do I access the Special NFT Drop event?

  • Q 04

    What is Robo-Arena?

  • Public round: Open Edition
  • There are limited WL spots available for Beastroid Vol 001 Collection. Whitelist campaigns will be running on official social channels from the collection announcement leading up to the minting event. Participate to increase your chance to win!
  • To be eligible for the special NFT drop event, you must hold a Beastroid Combo! A Beastroid Combo: Collect all 4 characters of the same color and tier or 1 character in 5 different colors and same tier or silver and gold characters from BOTH standard and premium tier to be eligible for the Exclusive Drop.
  • Robo-Arena is a leaderboard to gather all special NFT holders. Collectors can check the rarity and ranking of their special NFTs. Each and every one of the special NFTs has a unique ID. Special NFT holders are entitled to receive a premium physical card. Stay tuned for more details!